Android Studio GR Mobile Dev presentation

On September 4th, 2013 I will presenting Android Studio (currently 0.2.6) to the Grand Rapids Mobile Development group.  In this post, I'll walk through what we demonstrated (code) and then link to the presentation slide.

This is the event link:

Here are the slides: Android Studio Preview

Phonegap Kitchen Sink - All the APIs working for Phonegap Build

When I first dove into mobile development, I began with Titanium.  It was a bit frustrating at first, but the saving grace was the sample project - Kitchen Sink.

Rosalie Home Automation for Android (beta)

This is one of the first Android apps I've created so far.  Its a Home Automation controller for use with the Mi Casa Verde Vera/Mios units.  If you own one of the Home Automation controllers and want to give this software a try, download via the QR code below.

It might not work with every version of Vera/Mios so please contact me if you are having issues with your install or configuration and maybe I can help resolve.  This version supports many voice commands and list pickers to choose Scenes and Devices.  Remember, it is a 'beta'.



  • Voice Commands for Devices, Scenes, and Camera still frame images
  • Easy toggle commands, for instance "Patio" will turn the Patio light off if its on
  • Device polling on command
  • Quick setup


First time use:

  1. Open the RosalieHA application and enter a valid Mios (Vera) username and password.  This information is only stored locally on your device.
  2. Now click 'Find Vera'.  Within a few seconds, you should see that the Vera Server and Serial Number fields are populated.  If you have more than Vera please contact me - this might break things, I'm not sure.
  3. Once those four fields are populated, you should now see a 'Get Devices' button.  Click this and RosalieHA will attempt to load all available Binary Switches, Dimmer Switches, Cameras, and Scenes.  You should see a confirmation of the devices found.
  4. Click close to save the data.


Controlling with RosalieHA:

  • To make a voice command, click the large microphone image and your Android devices voice-recognition system should open up.  Speak a command.  Commands may include:
    • Devices - say "Dining Room" to toggle the state of a a Dining Room dimmer or binary switch. 
    • Scenes - say "Everything On"  or the name of a valid scene to tell your Vera to execute that scene.
    • Cameras - these currently only work if they are labeled with "Camera" as the last part of the devices name.  For example, to receive an image of a driveway camera associated with Vera, it would have to be named "Driveway Camera".  "Driveway Cam" would not work.  Maybe I'll fix this down the road if there is enough feedback about it.
  • Sometimes its just easier to choose a Device/Scene/Camera command for a list.  Once RosalieHA has found your system, you should see buttons labeled "Devices", "Scenes", "Camera" if they exist on your network.  Simply click a list item to activate it, send a 'toggle state' command, or request an image from a camera.



  • In its current state, RosalieHA only works with the findvera service, it will not work locally on your home Vera network.
  • The application polls the devices immediately after receiving confirmation of a command.  Sometimes this is too quick and a device that has just received a command may not reflect this change.  A fix is coming for this.


* you will need to enable non-market applications to download



Analytics Training, Day 1

Google Analytics is a free web analytics package used to track a websites' visitor metrics.  Recently, I had the pleasure of attending a training event in Chicago hosted by Webshare, LLC.

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